How "upgrades" have historical precedent for downgrading console gaming & why Nintendo NX will rule


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Aug 28, 2016
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This article is really interesting and funny. It gives historical context and data showing how "upgrades" actually downgrade console gaming and provides a different theory as to the cause of the gaming crash and why Nintendo NX will dominate. I for one am super excited to see what happens and can't wait to see how everything plays out!

I forgot about the Atari 7600. The Neo and Scorpio does sound like a complete repeat, and it helps explain what happened to the Wii U: everyone thought it was an upgrade to the Wii and not an entirely new console.
Well I am very interested to read this, so thank you for posting. I cannot help but think the guy is a little biased, but maybe not. I think I might see where he is going with the downgrading from the upgrades idea, but I still a little weary so that will definitely be fun to read and see where he is coming from. I do think the NX will rule though, so I can agree on that. Thanks for sharing.
I hope that he is right but the two big ones are still in the market and sure it might just be a upgrade but they do have a large chunk of the market. We will have to wait until march to see if his prediction is right.