How will Breath of the Wild fare against other RPG openworld games?


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Apr 26, 2016
After watching the game's trailer and gameplay footage, I've heard a lot of people comparing it to modern RPG openworld games like The Witcher 3 and Skyrim, considering they're now sharing a great deal of mechanics/elements (freedom to explore a vast map, RPG elements, lots of sidequests and so on).

So, how will Breath of the Wild hold up with them? Do you think it will be able to distinguish itself among them, or will it be overwhelmed by their technical superiority (considering the hardware limitations)?
I'm one of those guys that is all in with Nintendo. Ive only heard of the games you listed, never seen or played them. My impression was astonishment. Its beautiful, it looks fun just to roam around in. As a huge fan of Fantasy Life, i really am interested in the hunting, cooking, and different weapons. I don't really sweat how much it's like another game, as long as its fun. And it looks like it will be.

But i can't help but wonder if this was the game we should have got this generation.
I know I'll like it. But I have to guess it might not be as dense as Skyrim, and the big open field where nothing is in sight kinda leads to that. That does lead to it not being so overwhelming. I never actually played an open-world like Skyrim before (but I bought it on a Steam Sale) so I can't really say how it compares, but off the bat there should be little to no technical bugs.
I think this will be an iconic release, they have to have seen skyrim and thought strongly about how to incorporate the best of it into a Z game. I strongly believe this has the potential to be a cross-platform GOTY, but we have to see what else 2016 has in store for us obviously :)
I think BotW will definitely be a contender for other open world RPG games . It just looks so amazing and it will appeal to all those legend of Zelda fans. Another thing is that younger audiences will be able to play it. A lot of people believe that the Witcher and other open world games could be a bit too graphic for kids. So that means that both young and old people will play it, which really puts it out there. I personally think it will be the favourite open world RPG for a while once it is released

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