Howdy from the Midwest US!


Jun 19, 2013
Super NES
Hello, there. I'm a life-long Nintendo fan and am so excited to see so many people carrying the same torch! I've long held the position that Nintendo is a console-company all to itself and ought not to be analyzed the same way that Sony and Microsoft consoles are judged, and with all the recent upset since E3, I'm happy to think that perhaps more people are beginning to come back to the Nintendo camp. Nintendo has always produced quality titles obviously engineered with we players in mind; there is no other company as dedicated to happy gaming as Nintendo and it shows in their sea of legacy fans.

I can't wait to get to know you all and begin really discussing titles and gameplay with y'all! I'm currently obsessing over Resident Evil 4 right now, but I have a definite itch to get Skyward Sword kicked up this week! What are y'all currently playing?
Hi!! Welcome to the forums! I have been playing DK country returns and Mario 3D land lately. I loved Skyward Sword, I would have liked it to be less linear, but it is still a pretty great game. The gameplay is among the best of any game ever! RE4 is by far the best RE game! I loved it sooooo much!! Hope you stay active, we could use a few new active

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