Huge Snowstorm in the North East


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Sep 26, 2015
I'm stuck in New England in my home with 1 foot of snow. There is a 90% chance that I may loose my power. But at least I have a Generator. So I'm downloading Video game shows and movies to my hard drive to watch them later on TV. If my Power goes out. No Internet. But I do have my Switch fully powered, My DS,DSi,3DS & 2DS fully charged. Last night I had to put plastic over my doors to keep the air out. I also had to tape the front and back so if any cold air get's through the plastic. Won't seep through the cracks of the door. Good thing I got Pokemon Ultra Sun to play. I didn't even open it up yet. I bought it at the Nintendo Store in NYC. New York is just an hour half drive from me. I knew I was going to be stuck in the house for a few days. So yesterday I drove to Walmart and to a few Grocery stores, to gather supplies. So I got food, drinks, Alcohol & smokes. Plus I downloaded Resident Evil Revelations on the Nintendo Switch. Thank You Prize Rebel for helping me get free video games when I need them.
hey i live in deep south Louisiana, and we've been slightly below freezing on and off for a week. This is insanely odd weather for us and we really don't know how to deal. So i will say this: @GamePayne i don't know how y'all do it! But it sounds like you are quite prepared
We've had very little snow here in MN but it's been below zero for several days now, many days double digits below zero. Grew up in MN and even I'm getting sick and tired of this. Not a ton of snow though like east coast. When it's this cold it usually doesn't snow. Next week is supposed to warm up a little (still below freezing, but at least above zero), so we'll probably get some snow.
Or you could move down here in the heat. Problem with that, every time it rains it seems to flood now. Oh, yeah and you'd have to worry about hurricanes half the year!
In the winter it's freezing. In the summer. It's to hot. The summer makes the blacktop from the roads melt. Then we have to deal with the poison copperheads and poison plants. At least NYC isn't to far away. I would move to LA but those damn Earthquakes will knock all of my games off the wall.
We got plenty of snow through that storm here in New Hampshire as well, actually had to leave work early to clear off my carport and roof to keep them from collapsing. Then 30 below zero last night, I'm ready for spring already!!!
Every year I get older the more I hate the cold. About 4 years ago my brother and his wife moved to Key Largo...he’s a genius! In 4 weeks my wife and I are going down there for a week and a half. Can’t wait to get out of this crap.
Some more bad news from Connecticut. Snow tomorrow. But I also have good news. This Thursday it will be a little over 50 degrees & rain.

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