Hyrule Field


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Jan 21, 2015
Nintendo 64
Over the many generations of the Zelda franchise, there has been a fair number of Hyrule Fields. They all differ, they all have their certain lures and dislikes. My question is which is your personal favorite incarnation?

Mine, not being biased, is the Ocarina of Time field. There was so much to do. Lon Lon Ranch in the dead middle. All the secret holes to blast open like previous versions. The 3-D just felt right. Even if it's pixelated and blocky, the fun was to be had. The game had a nice story, and whenever you weren't doing an important mission to save something, somewhere, you had plenty of time to run around and explore. I can't recall the number of bombs I dropped in that field trying to find more holes to open up.
I'd have to say failing ocarina, the Dark World from Link to the Past had one of the most unique Hyrule field world map shifts. It felt unnatural and awesome all in one.

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