Hyrule Warriors Legend Mode; Music -> Stage [SPOILERS]

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    I had a question about which music tracks 'linked' to each of the stages and when they play i.e. whenever a boss appears, someone's in trouble, etc.

    I have a good idea about which plays where, but that would be a bit much for me to list at the time...but I do know some of them...

    (Note: Music refers to GilvaSunner's playlist)
    Hyrule Field (First Level) - Hyrule Field 1, Dodongo Boss Battle (when Dodongo appears)
    Lava Caves* (Second Level) - Solidus Cave
    Deku Forest* (Third Level) - In the Greenwood, Boss Battle (when Gohma appears)
    Valley of Seers (Fourth Level) - Eclipse of the Sun
    Skyloft (Skyward Sword path, First Level) - Skyloft
    * (Skyward Sword path, Second Level) - Heart of the End
    Twilight Field* (Twilight Princess path, First Level) - Twilight Field
    Twilight Zone* (Twilight Princess path, Second Level) - Remnant of Twilight
    Death Mountain (Ocarina of Time path, First Level) - Hammer of Stones
    Lake Hylia (Ocarina of Time path, Second Level) - Sequence of Drops
    Ganon's Tower* (Final Level) - Eclipse of the World, Eclipse of the World (Guitar Version) (played when Ganondorf transforms into Ganon)**

    aaand that's all that I remember...it's pretty much, but it can be improved upon! (y)

    *indicates that I don't exactly remember the name of the area
    **not sure of the exact event that takes place during the change of music