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Dec 23, 2013
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after a good 3 hour run, i must admit my first impression is: game is fantastic. very fun. i've never played a Dynasty Warrior game, but i have played Star Wars battle front and it is similar. there is plenty of fan service, music, sound effects, story is all Zelda. you can get different weapons, so far i got the fire rod for Link, and this gives plenty of replay value. the game is separated into timed levels that can be replayed by unlocked people with different weapons, etc.

i see myself up late a few nights on this one
Interesting. I'm still on the fence as to whether the game is worth $60. The gameplay looks fun but I feel it may get repetitive after a bit...
yes i agree, plus already announced DLC for another 20$. as a zelda man, there is no question for me. so far, the replay value for me is checking out the levels with new characters with new weapons.
Interesting. I'm still on the fence as to whether the game is worth $60. The gameplay looks fun but I feel it may get repetitive after a bit...
Yeah... I'm actually kind of disappointed that Nintendo is doing spin-offs for the Legend of Zelda series. I just feel like Hyrule Warriors isn't a quality game like the games in the main series, and hopefully the WiiU Zelda doesn't disappoint. I probably won't pick up Hyrule Warriors as I played it on a friend's WiiU, and it just isn't the same as what I consider to be a "real" Zelda game.
I feel like Hyrule Warriors should be cheap, around 20 dollars, or come bundled with some preorder edition of Zelda 2015 for free. It seems like it won't have a ton of content, and 60 dollars sure is stretching it. Imagine if a random Indie game on Steam like FTL: Faster than Light or Super Meat Boy retailed for 60 dollars, people would be real mad.
my daughter and i finished the other night (story mode), and wow, there is only around 15 levels to play. on the other hand there is a ton of extra levels and things to do, but we kinda woulda liked a longer story. Still a fantastic fun game
ok, no i have a problem. we downloaded the first DLC pack for 7.99, and of course blew through it. now I'm trying to buy the big pack 19.99, and its telling me i can't because i already have some of the content.

does anyone else have this problem? Im waiting to hear back from Nintendo on what the deal is. Its gotta be a mess-up.
After looking at some videos of the game I really think that it should have been a lot cheaper than it is. I mean it is not even a real Zelda game so why sell it for a real Zelda price. It also looks like it gets repetitive very easily and that is the main reason why I have not bought this game as yet.
its very repetitive. true to all those things^

but, i love it and my 10 yr old daughter really loves it. Shocked me. so the investments are worth it. The game seems to be geared towards females, as most of the characters are ladies. it's very interesting
I have to give my input on this:


Yes, I'm female, but I don't think it have a majority female cast has to do with why it's great. The game stretches on for hours because it CAN challenge you. Once you finish Legend Mode there's the other modes to try. Challenge more is a bit boring and you just get a few things you have to do; i.e. "Beat such and such within the time limit." Took place in the tree and wasn't all that great, but the Quest Mode! Oh my GLOB! You have challenges that test your ability as a gamer. Forget that this is has the characters in this game and that it's a spin off; if you just imagine this as a stand alone game, it's pretty good. I recommend playing with a friend because some challenges are particularly imposssible to do by yourself unless you level up like mad. (I.e. Beat 1000 enemies...While getting chased by 4 or 5 Imprisions. Yeah, have with that.)

Then, when you DO get the $20 dollar on the Master Quest Pack, you not only get 3 additional characters, but ANOTHER quest section to do. This one is a step up to see how good think you are at the game by say...Not getting hit...AT ALL from No healing, no items, no guarding.

If you think you're good enough to take on that much, I applaud you.
they will be releasing another dlc pack, Majora's Mask. new characters and levels i can't wait. i'da never guessed i put nearly 100$ into this game.

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