I Didn't Get a Nintendo Switch


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Mar 5, 2017
I failed to get a Nintendo Switch at the launch. It's sold out everywhere! But I do have Breath of the wild but no Switch to play it. How can I move on from this?

I made a video about this. Please check it out ~

When I woke up Friday morning Amazon still had a whole bunch, and I could've ordered one until noon - but I have no money yet. There were still sporadic stock on Saturday from different places. This is a completely different story then when the NES Classic sold out everywhere almost instantly

All I can say is keep trying. There should be more stock starting on Monday, just make a short list of places to keep checking in at. But hurry, I think you might have a short window before the Switch catches on and then after that it might become very difficult to find for a while.
Thank you grahamf for you message ~ I got good news. I did order a Nintendo Switch at Amazon but I had to pay around 60$ more for the console then the asking price. But that is still alright. I saw some selling for 600$....! I will get it tomorrow around lunch time I guess but I do have to work,so I will get my hands on it tomorrow evening.

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