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Feb 18, 2013
First they took chess, which was fine because I for one suck at chess. Now the dang computers are trying to boggart Super Mario Bros. Seriously though Tom Murphy VII (Google software engineer) recently submitted a paper to Cargnie Mellon University about the A.I. system he designed to play video games.

What is really interesting about this for me is how primitive the NES was, and yet how it still made lots and lots of children cry. Listening to Murphy explain how he used two simple formulas to get a computer to study and then play through a game is... wow.

Anyway this program is great at most NES games, but apparently sucks at games like Zelda so there is still hope for us. Not much though - the computer really is a cheating b*stard... and he really hates to lose.
I love my gaming rig. I bet if it had a mind it would be good at Zelda. Really good. Because it has to have watched me play Zelda on its monster a 1000 times.
If your rig had a mind it'd be Skynet or Glados or Hal or Otto from Wall-E... and nothing good has ever come from those guys. That said I think the problem was that the computer program is really very simple - so things like explorations and any advanced programs don't really work for it. That said with time and effort whose to say someone couldn't create a program geared to kicking the crud out of Zelda?

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