I found a game that is worse than E.T for the Atari 2600

Aug 27, 2013
Nintendo 2DS
This game is very bad. It's called PLUMBERS DON'T WHERE TIES!! For the 3DO Console. This game is so bad that I kind of want to play it. I saw the AVGN episode on this.
I'll try to get the 3DO Emulator and the rom for this game.

Don't cheat! Buy it! Play it!

Liiiiiiive it!

Loooooooooove it!
I don't have a 3DO or the game. or the funds to buy the system or the game. But you can watch the AVGN episode of the game. I couldn't stop laughing.
If I had the 3DO console, I'd buy the game straight away just to enjoy to horribleness of it :D

@NintendoCosmos Please post a link so we can laugh too :D
Totally worth it. And now I want to buy this game, because sucky games are just kind of awesome sometimes.
If you like sucky games. Check out Big Rigs for the PC. lol
I said sucky games - not crimes against gamers... Ew. That said... I think there is a game worse than Big Rigs - it has to do with motorcycles and I'm not sure the game devs actually enjoy the act of game design.

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