I found an interesting copy of Renegade.


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I came upon a lot that includes a NES, controller and a bunch of carts. The NES was in pieces, taken appart but all there (including a bag of screws). There were also a bunch of carts, 13 in total. A great lot including all three Marios, all three Castelvanias, Contra and some others. Some of them are even 5 screw carts. A win in my book. But one cart stood out. And I was surprised to see the board when I opened it up to clean it.
It is a NES-UN-ROM-04 board with an EEPROM on it.

Cart board (click)

The case has a thermal dot matrix label.

New item by Ron Fancella

It has been suggested that it is a press copy? The dates on the chips and label on the EEProm are before the North America release. What are your thoughts?

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