I got my hands on Link & The Faces of Evil for the CD-i


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Sep 26, 2015
I bought the game at a local video game store for 111.00 bucks. It didn't come in the original case, So I found some old CD cases and printed the cover and the CD art work for it. Now the game looks great. I just wish I had a Philips CD-i to play the game on it. But I'm saving my money for the Nintendo NX.
Oh. Wow.

For the love of god treat it as a collector's item and DO NOT PLAY IT. If you do it'll be like The Ring except worse.
You've doomed us all. Man was not meant to see the face of evil, much less multiple faces.
Is Link & The Faces Of Evil, the same thing as Pandora's Box?
It requires a lot of exaggerated hyperbole and metaphor to accurately describe it, but yeah it's pretty bad
Zelda CDI is mostly panned for its rather awful animation and voice acting, but if you look past that, you will be in an even bigger hell.

The controls are extremely stiff and a lot of the monsters a broken. You have to farm Rupees ALOT. You need to buy rupees to buy lamp oil, which runs out very quickly in dark areas and rope. You have to grind through enemies 80% of the whole game.
Nintendo should of stuck with Sony then leaving them for Philips.
Nintendo is far from being dead. With the NX coming out in 9 months and another Nintendo console in 5 more years after the NX. Nintendo is still growing strong Also Nintendo has Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon & Pokemon Go coming out soon. Nintendo is still making games. But I do wish Nintendo would release their old Arcade games to the Wii U VC & the NX VC like Radar Scope, Sheriff, Monkey Magic, Block Fiber, Heli Fire, Space Fever, Space Launcher, etc to the Nintendo VC.