I got the Panasonic 3DO console


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Sep 26, 2015
I got it for a good price and the owner of the store gave me two free games, just for bringing in people to the store.
Wow... you know... I've literally never played one of those O-o. Heard there are a some good games. Its got Street Fighter and Wolfenstein so that must mean its worth something! xD
Which games did you get? Share some pics of the hardware please.
For the Panasonic R.E.A.L. 3DO I got the games Alone In The Dark, Blade Force, Crash N' Burn, HELL: A Cyber Punk Thriller & The 3DO Sampler CD. I went online and downloaded the covers for the games. Then I photoshoped the games to fit inside PS3 cases.
I looked them up because I literally never heard of any of those games! xD
Only one I thought looked really good was HELL. Luckily it is for DOS as well, so I will get a chance to play it!
I will be doing more Streaming to Twitch for the 3DO games. After the Streaming is done. the video gets uploaded to YouTube.

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