I have 3 new NES games Coming


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Sep 26, 2015
I just bought 3 NES games. 2 of them are unlicensed games, One from Tengen, the other is Camerica. the other one is an Offical NES game cart.

Games are

Elevator Action
Bee 52

Let me know what you think.
That's awesome, always great to hear of fellow gamers collecting for older systems. :)

Elevator Action is an excellent title. While it's quite an old game, it's still fun to play today. If you enjoy it, you should try track down Elevator Action Returns which was released in arcades in 1994. It was later released on the Sega Saturn and eventually found it's way onto Taito's compilations on the PS2. Alternatively, you can simply play it on MAME if eBay prices are exorbitant.

Klax is also a cool game, also strong old school flavor there. I've never played Bee52 but I need to look into that.
Wow Elevator Action, I haven't thought about this game in years, I even forgot it existed! I used to play this a lot when I was younger on (I think, don't quote me on this) one of those cartridges that had hundreds of games on them. I think those multi-game cartridges were bootlegs or something, but I remember my friend had one and it had a bunch of weird games on them, but also some cool ones like 1942 and Balloon Fight.

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