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    I currently own system wise the Nintendo 3ds xl Re( daily driver)d and I have the newest limited edition pikachu model just released and an extra one for a rainy day wink wink, the pikachu one that is .lol Current game list as follows in no specific order of any kind:

    3ds (physical copy)
    Kirby planet robot
    Kirby triple deluxe
    Super Mario 3 d land
    Poochy and Yoshi's wooly world
    Sonic boom - Shattered Crystal
    Xenoblade Chronicles
    Monster hunter 3 ultimate
    Final fantasy explorers
    Super smash brothers
    Pokemon Sun
    Pokemon Moon
    Pokemon Omega Ruby
    Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
    Pokemon X
    Pokemon Y
    Project zone X
    Project zone X 2
    Ultimate NES remix
    Fire emblem fates : awakening
    Fire emblem fates : conquest
    Fire emblem fates : birthright
    Sonic boom Fire & Ice
    Monster hunter generations
    The legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask
    The legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time
    New super Mario brothers 2
    Monster hunter 4 Ultimate
    Senrani Kagura; deep crimson 2
    Mario kart 7
    Star fox 64
    Luigis Mansioin: Dark Moon
    Super Mario maker 3D
    Shovel knight
    Rayman 3D
    Rayman origins
    Pilotwings resort
    Resident evil : Revelations

    Digital E-Shop purchases;

    Super Mario bros deluxe GBC
    Super Mario land : 6 golden coins GB
    Super Mario land GB
    Excite bike NES
    Blaster master zero ( 2017 release?)
    Resident evil: The Mercenaries 3d
    Super Mario brothers 3 NES
    Pokemon Yellow GBC
    Pokemon Blue GB
    Pokemon Red GB
    Super Mario brothers NES
    Ninja Gaiden NES
    Sonic the hedgehog 2 GG
    Sonic the hedgehog GG
    Sonic the hedgehog 2 SEGA
    Kirbys dreamland GB
    Sonic the hedgehog SEGA
    Super Mario brothers 2 NES

    Keep in mind I haven't played most of these games, just can't help my OCD and a good review lmao. Will try to update list as it grows. This is current as of 3-10-17. They will get played all in due time!!!! I'm waiting to see if I can sell my second brand new pikachu 3ds xl ( I bought two ) because I'm thinking I may either get a black or galaxy to have as a backup maybe. I dunno but fuck I love this system. I use the HORI Brand game cartridge cases, they're amazing and hold 24 per box and it's super compact and offers tons of protection for my games! I'm not some know it all gamer, a lot of the games I have, especially the Kroger I have absolutely no idea what I'm getting into haha. That being said in up for a challenge and would love to meet some great people to both play with and learn from. Will update more later, maybe!
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    So your hobby is collecting games. Not really that unusual.
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    thats not a bad problem to have though. i find if i buy too many games at one time ill take forever to play them. Nice list