I have an idea for my website.

Aug 27, 2013
Nintendo 2DS
I'm thinking about making a section of my site where you can watch all of the old Nintendo and video game shows, like Donkey Kong And Donkey Kong Jr. from Saturday Supercade. And Donkey Kong Country, The Super Mario Bros. Super Show. The Legend of Zelda, The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, SuperMario World cartoon, Kirby Right Back at Ya, Pokemon the first and 2 season. F-Zero GP Legend. Starcade, Video Power & Game Pro. And show all of the old & New Nintendo Commercials.
I have a big collection of Nintendo commercials from different eras. Obviously did not anticipate YouTube back in the 90s and early 2000s, so I downloaded everything I could during those years. :)

I wanted to start posting them to our YouTube channel but never found the time. The Japanese ones are especially good. Maybe we can combine these 2 projects somehow.
I'm scared of how old i will feel. remember the guy hitting his head with a squirrel? i do. "color"
I know that I'm old, I'll be 32 next month. back in the id to late 1990's I started recording video game cutscenes from my games onto a VHS tape. Than in 2004 I took all of my VHS tapes that were and is still called Pure Nintendo Movies, And put them on a DVD with my DVD Recorder that can hook up to a tv. right now. I'm working on volume 31. All of the DVD's have TV commericals, Cutscenes, Stuff from G4, When G4 was good, on DVD. I hooked up two vcr's. one to record regular tv to catch any commericals. the other vcr to copy the footage, which I would just copy what I needed for the tape. Than copied all of the tapes to a blank DVD. And I still have all of my DVD's til this day. The next cutscene movie I will be doing is Batman Arkham Origins for the Wii U.
Awesome idea, I'm sure it would get a lot of viewers! :D

I never had the luck to watch all those shows, so I'd probably be a regular visitor :)
this is above and beyond the call of duty. good job. i'd love to see some of the old original NES commercials

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