I just bought a Dreamcast + got a free game with it


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Sep 26, 2015
I just got the sega Dreamcast & a free Dreamcast game called The Grinch. The retro store I go to gives you a free video game for 10.00 dollars and under of your choice. I also bought another Dreamcast game a couple of weeks ago. All I need now is a Dreamcast memory pak & Seaman with the microphone.
Sweet! I had a Dreamcast for a short time between my N64 for PS1. Great system! Way underrated.
I remember when the dreamcast first came out, my cousin picked one up, but didn't have enough money for the VMU card.

So we went to sleep that first night without switching the system off... all so we could complete sonic adventure in one play through. which we did the next afternoon lol
I've been taking my Dreamcast games out of their original cases and putting them into Wii game cases. I've been online Printing Dreamcast covers that can fit DVD size cases.
Still my favorite console of all time. I have it hooked up with my modern systems through an HD converter box.

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