I like Mighty No. 9


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Mar 25, 2016
I really like Mighty No. 9. All the reviews say this game is a 5/10, but I feel that not only are they being harsh, but that this is a good platforming game worth $30. My only real complaints are that the voice acting seems a bit unprofessional for some reason, and that the game at times feels like a low budget GameCube release. But who cares when you have such great platforming elements and mechanics. I'm sure Segata, who doesn't like the game, will get on and provide a completely different outlook on it. But all these different opinions are what keep a forum going. You will have to decide whether to listen to me and buy it, or listen to a few others and not. But I feel that I have rarely let this forum down so far when it comes to game recommendations. So I feel that when I post that a game is good and am not making a joke post, it is at least worth your consideration. I bought this game for XBox One, by the way.

So my score of this game: 7.5/10
@Shane thanks, i really was waiting for someone like you to give us the real scoop. I pay no mind to reviews and critics and yahoo's crap. So for those of us who don't know what its about, would you be so kind as to let me in on the hook? From outside looking in, it reminds me of Mega Man.

Glad you set this straight
Think a GameCube Megaman game with completely different mechanics. You can still shoot, but the game is more focused on Sliding. In order to kill an enemy, you tend to have to shoot it a few times then when it changes colors, slide into it to kill it. Because of this new mechanic, the game is 60% like Megaman and 40% different. The level design is like a Megaman game though, and the graphics do remind you of one.
I have a credit in this game. I gave it a ton of money. I think it's a Mighty no 2 piece of shit game. Great music but the game is garbage. This game wants to be Mega Man but it doesn't understand what Mega Man is. You can beat the bosses without using a power up at all. That makes the entire game pointless. The level design is sporadic which again is not Mega Man. MM taught you everything you needed to know by level design without cut scenes to tell you. Mega Man has a consistent difficulty. Mighty No 9 is all over the place. Easy one moment and stupid hard the next. It's not the kind of hard that teaches a player like say even Castlevania (8-16 bit era). It taught you as you played. Mighty No. 9 feels like someone in the pS2 era wanted to clone Mega Man but had no idea how to make a Mega Man game. Like the dash mechanic in this..they removed the reason it's even there midway into development. To see what Mighty No. 9 SHOULD have been check out a PSP game called Mega Man powered up. While that game had the stupid VA stuff overall It understood Mega Man. Not a fan of the art style but it's challenging and each level teaches the player so that if you mess up it's your fault the second time. If you die in Mighty No 9 it's often the games fault.

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