I made a game demo


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So long story short, I spent a couple of weeks making a Proof of Concept demo for a much bigger platform game I am making. The demo runs on Windows PC and can be found here: http://gamejolt.com/games/chronicles-of-bats/176230

I bought a Use license to some art and I'm making a game where you play as Dracula and can turn into a bat. The final game will be overhauled in a few ways. In the demo, you can play through small levels, a full 20 of them to be exact. Well in the final game, you will be in a world 15 times the size of a single level in the demo, and the whole game will take place there with various levels and events - just more freedom and more stuff. You will also be able to turn into a bat any time, whereas in the demo it's only when you eat a mushroom.

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