I made a light for my gameboy so i can see what am playing at night

Haha. You know they do make lights that can attach to the front of the screen. This pencil setup looks like it'll do the trick for you at a fraction of the cost lol.
It's funny because imagine if they released a screen that didn't light up for a new handheld console now? It's something we don't have to worry about at all anymore. Nice contraption though, it does the job and as everyone has been saying, you didn't have to break the bank to put it together!
Hey, that's some great and creative thinking there. That's one of the problems with older handhelds, they didn't come with a backlight for the screen. It was always tough playing on them during the evenings, especially in a darkened room. It's good to see that you've sorted out this issue and enjoy some evening gaming on your Game Boy Color.
I just wished my kid-self was smart enough to have had (sorry if english is messy) that idea! So many times I went out with my parents only to be totally disappointed by the lack of light to play! My cousin had one of those magnifying screens with a light for GBC and I was so jealous of him!