I need to hault buying NES & N64 games, to get more SNES games


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Sep 26, 2015
Lately. I've been buying NES and N64 games like crazy. I need to put buying those games on hold for the SNES & the Super Famicom. I have more NES & N64 then what I have with the SNES games. So now It's time for the SNES game craze for me.
You can never have too many n64 games...
Well. I got one thing to say to you....... Have you played your Atari today? lol
I have more games across 12 consoles than I would like to count. Sometimes I don't play anything because I just look at them and ask myself wtf do I play? Or I start playing one then think about another one while I'm playing so I don't finish it and pop in a different game. Rinse and repeat.
I got a SNES game coming in the mail. I also just bought another NES game I didn't have at my local retro store with a N64 game I didn't have. I also bought 3 Atari 2600 games.

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