I NEED to remember a specific game HELP


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Nintendo 64
So as a kid I played a lot of n64 and I didn't play too many games but me and my brother had some of the most fun like pokemon snap, Mario 64, hey you Pikachu,hexen, quake 2, resident evil,smash,Mario kart, ocarina of Time. Those were the main ones I remember. I know we didn't have too much more. BUT

there was a game we used to play and it had some mode or some event thing where it was I think first person shooting floating colorful cubes. And I cannot remember the name of the game. All I remebere is that there were colorful floating cubes and you like shot them or something.

Ive been searching this game trying to figure out what it's called for years and I've had no luck. please help. Thank you

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