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Sep 26, 2015
I purchased a old Nintendo Typing video game for the PC. But I need a 5.25 Original floppy disk USB drive. Can anyone help me find one online, So I can purchase it and do a Let's Play video for the game... The game is called (Mario Teaches Typing.)
Um, I think your problem is a little bit bigger than that...

5.25" floppy drives were replaced by the 3.5" floppy drive long before the USB port came out, so you would be looking at some specialized device probably made for corporate data retention, so they won't come cheap.

And even if you found the drive or put together a workaround, it won't run on your computer as it is a DOS game.

You're better off just downloading the game with a copy of DOSbox. Nobody will care.
I would rather play the game regularly. And I do miss those old 5.25 floppy disk. It's what I grew up on.
Well good luck then. Sounds like you're buying a new (to you) computer.
I just need the drive. Not the entire PC and monitor. If I can find one I can mod it to a USB cable and have it work on my PC.
A floppy disk drive huh? Well I will be honest I thought that we were done with them, but I guess that I was wrong. Now that I think about it I am pretty sure that we have some games on the floppy disk that would otherwise be unplayable, but I do not think we have a machine with one anymore (it is the Commander Keen games). I hope that you find one, and I would think that if you looked hard enough you will be able to.
@rz3300 it's a 5" floppy, not the standard 3" floppy. The 5" was phased outat the end of the 80's, and even Windows 3.0 didn't come out until 1992 or so. Windows 3.0 and older software will not run on current computers (especially 64-bit systems as they dropped support for all 16-bit apps). You can maybe try an emulator, but I doubt any of them would even recognize a floppy drive.

And I'm pretty sure that the disk would be unreadable anyways. Floppy disks are very prone to bitrot and even a five-year-old 3" floppy would have significant corruption by now if not perfectly preserved, and your floppy is several decades old and has been God knows where.

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