I preordered Pokemon Sun


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Sep 26, 2015
Just to let all the other trainers out there know. That I'm getting Sun for the 3DS.. Then after Sun I will be getting Moon. So let me know if you would like to trade or battle.
I really want to preorder Moon and I was at the store on Sunday, but right now I'm kind of broke (lol)
Can't wait to get it though. Loved the new Pokemon, especially Bewear (he reminds me of Monokuma from Danganronpa) and Mimikyu.
Well, I have read that it definitely could not be a good idea to pre-order the game because it's going to keep being developed and therefore it is going to be better after its official release, however, I am not too sure about how true this information is, but it may be right, perhaps it is not, but who knows, let me know how good it is after you buy it, please!
I don't see pre-ordering right now as a good idea. You can order it now, but there is still a chance that something might happen and push back the release or something. I pre-ordered GTA 5 and a exclusive 500gb PS3 when it came out 1 weeks before the midnight release, and for some reason I was first inline to get the system and game.

I'll wait until it gets much closer to the release date before I buy the game. I wonder if they are going to make all the planets in the solar system. I like how they name their games.

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