I Suck At Majora's Mask =(

Sep 25, 2017
Nintendo 64
I'm In The First Temple In The Game (Woodfall) And I F***ING SUCK!
I Almost Can't Play Without Walkthroughs On Youtube! It Is SO Annoying Cause I Really Want To Play Through The Game Blindly! And I Only Have 4 Hearts! I Don't Even Have Bombs Also...
And When People Reach The Woodfall Temple They Have ALOT Of Items. While I Only Have The Items That Are Equiped Automaticly...
If You Can Help Me Pls Do...
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yep, first of all: are you playing the 3ds version or 64?

This is my advice to you, stop now and get a strategy guide. I say this because the first time i played it was on the 64 and it just was so blurry to me. Also I hated it because I didn't know what to do. Ever. So i stopped, ordered a strategy guide from Amazon and then finished and enjoyed it. When it came out for the 3ds i played it again and loved it. I love it more than Ocarina. After doing all the little social side quests, i really saw the game for what it is and enjoyed it much more. I don't want you to miss anything.

This will be a very rough game without a lil help
Don't fret I usually look up walkthroughs for nearly every game I play. As I have gotten older I've became such a lazy gamer. Not to mention my vision has gone downhill and a lot of times I miss visible clues or certain things.

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