I wanna buy one of these again.


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Feb 8, 2013
Preferably a GBA SP. I really like the backlit screen and wanna be able to play GBA and GB/C cartridges again. There's games i used to absolutely love growing up as a kid that i'd like to play again. :)

I have bought more than one Gameboy over the last few years, of several different versions. I would get them for the girls to play with so that if they broke a screen or piece, etc, then it really wasn't a huge deal. It sure beat spending several hundred on brand new Nintendo DSes for them to break.
You could probably pick up a cheap used one at game stores such as GameStop, EBGames or a few other game stores if you live in North America. I know GameStop and EBGames sells GBA games as well, so while you're there you could pick up a few games to play! Purchasing an SP online would be a great idea as well, I know people sell them all over the place such as eBay, Amazon, and DealExtreme (though with DealExtreme some things are OEM or fake so I would be careful if purchasing there, but the things there are pretty cheap and include free shipping).
Thanks for the advice Sizzle Will definitely look into it! I found a GBA SP laying around my house, problem is, don't have a charger for it. YIKES! :p so might as well get an extra one. I kinda want the NES model one. I think those are pretty cool. :) I will see how things go. :D
The SP' are the best ones. If you can try and get a backlit model ( they are quite rare ) as opposed to a front lit model as they give better more equal illumination.
Also when getting second hand games like the original pokemons, ask if the battery still works, cause if it doesn't, you will not be able to save your game!
If there is a nearby recycled game shop, or even a bigger game store like Gamestop, you could probably find a reasonably priced GBA. I'd say around 20 or 30 dollars, but that's just an estimate, as some shops like to sell older game systems at ridiculous prices due to the fact that they're old and you can't buy them commercially anymore.
Yeah. I given up looking for one of these. Too expensive and I'd only want to replay a few games and such anyway so it doesn't justify buying one. I did find my old GBA SP, i just don't have a charger, so I'd probably just need to invest a few bucks in a charger for it so I can actually use it. :)

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