I want a Pokemon MMORPG


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Nov 2, 2012
Now to be honest I'm not a familiar mmo player. I've dabbled in a few free 2 play mmo's but I've never been able to commit to them. To me they feel way too formulaic and boring. For me the reward of leveling up isn't worth the mindless grind. Though to be honest the pay to play mmo's might be better. I'm only hearing good things about Guild Wars 2. And there isn't even a subscription for that game.

But you know an MMO I would play...possibly loyally? A pokemon RPG. I'm still amazed that Nintendo won't cash in on the opportunity. A pokemon based mmo would be the closest any gamer could get to living the pokemon trainer experience in a virtual setting. Given the variety of pokemon and the sheer number of them, motivation to play could be far reaching and strategy during combat could be pretty deep.

I'll admit I'm not an expert when it comes to the core mechanics of the typical mmo but I think Pokemon has more than enough elements that a transition from single player to massive multiplayer is very possible. It would just take planning and good sense. So yeah...I don't know. Opinions?
You know, me and my wife were actually having this conversation about 2 months ago. It makes sense, and Pokemon is the the best and easiest franchise to turn into one. I think there would be tremendous fan support behind a project like this and would be one I see being able to compete with the already established ones that are still going strong. I for one would be willing to pay for a subscription for this, and my wife would as well.
Critter Forge is apparently a lot like Pokemon, but I never played this: http://www.kongregate.com/games/EdgebeeStudios/critter-forge

There is a new MMO, free 2 play, I need to find you the name of it. I'm sure I'll come across it again some time.

If you have an iPhone, Android, or iPad, there are a ton of games like pokemon on there that are MMO.
I'd like one of those fantastical free roam RPGs with good graphics and hopefully a nicely detailed character creation ability. I know its an anime but I'd like it if they at least tried to give you different body types.
It looks like the big game developers were listening to you pigeon_small, check out the new features in the latest World of Warcraft Pandaria expansion. One of them is called "pet battles" in which you can acquire pets from all over the realm including some rare and hard to find battle friends. You can then train them and fight other players for bragging rights. There is a constant battle scene happening outside Orgrimar in game this week!
Sounds interesting. But I'm not a WoW player. I honestly want a Pokemon MMO because I like Pokemon. Selfish I know, I know.

From what I hear, Nintendo is hyper reluctant when it comes to MMO's because while Pokemon is aimed at children, you'll get a lot of foul mouthed older players too of course. And I don't think they want to deal with that formidable age difference. They don't want their target audience exposed to adult perverts.

But that is just what I heard.
Have you tried Pokemon World Online? It looks like an MMO but I haven't tried it, I'm not into paying a website to play a flash game which is what it looks like. Still, it might just help you settle your poke-fix.
Heh I think I've heard of it. It's like a fan game isn't it? I heard it was a Beta open to public but I didn't think you had to pay to play. If it is a fangame, paying for it is impossible because that would be all kinds of illegal.

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