I want your opinions on video games. For science!


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Aug 28, 2017
Hey all,

I've made a survey that tells you what type of gamer personality you are. Are you an Immersion Engineer, or an Escape Artist? Do you battle with real people or seclude to the shadows in a world of your own making?

The reason why I made it is to gather research on people's gaming behaviours. Now as a gamer myself (WoW Heroic Tomb of Sargaras Raider), I feel like I have a good grasp of the gaming community, but as with all things, you need to do the research before making assumptions.

The survey itself is looking to explore information about:

• Different aspects of your personality

• What video games you play

• How much you play by yourself and with other people

• The impacts of your video game use on your daily life

You can find a link to the survey and more information here (you might need to disable adblocker):


So let me know what you think. Do you think I guessed right? What did I miss?

One more thing. A survey like this is limited, and doesn't give people a voice to add what they want to say. I really encourage open opinions about the video game community and maybe how the news and public have a negative view of video games. Whenever I present, I add the personal messages people have sent me to encourage other researchers to remember that we are people too, not just numbers. Tell me what you think and let me know if I can share your comments in my presentations.

Thank you,

Hey I did your test!
My results were reclusive tactican and masterfull travel (the last one I dont nessary agree haha).
I loved your test.
I Did the test too. XD

I got Reclusive Tactician and Escape Artist

I think they were pretty accurate, especially the reclusive tactician. I don't really like playing a lot of online or social games.

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