Idea for the Mario Finale (Hopefully in a long while though)


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Aug 10, 2018
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Mario and Luigi: Across the Dimensions
It would be a bit ironic, but a really cool game. So here is the story:
As always,
Peach invites Mario to the castle for cake, half-expecting Bowser to interrupt everything. But that's not what they see. They see this:
// O O \\
// | | \\
|| | | ||
(I'd give a picture, but they are a pain in the butt to deal with.) In case you aren't aware, this is a Hell Valley Sky Tree. (Yes, I made a wiki.) He says: "What's wrong? Don't you recognize me?
How about we have a blast from the past?
Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!" Then he sends them back in time to every past Mario game, in the inaccessible areas of many of the levels, in which Mario has to collect a power star. After the first level in Super Mario Bros., the star takes him to Rosalina, who sends them to "an old friend" who supposedly knows about this. When the Comet Observatory arrives at the destination, they hear the last sound anyone would EVER expect to hear. "Waluigi's Number One!" Maybe you will stop reading this right now. Shame on you. But if you don't, Waluigi shares his backstory: He came from a dark mirror universe with his buddy Wario through a mysterious pipe. With Waluigi's expertise (and frequent "Wah!"s), they track down power stars in every game.
I have an idea too! (This is a complete rewrite of a previous post, if you want me to re-post it please let me know)

Super Mario War

Basically, the kingdoms in a war. So, as various good-guys you have to defeat the koopas. It would be a bullet-hell hard as heck 2D platformer. But, there are some "interesting things" that will happen. The game would also have more dark, sad, and deep themes, tones, and content. Welp, that's it! I may edit this in future btw! Peace out! Share Ideas btw!
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