Identify an old racing game


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Sep 3, 2015
Hello everyone, I recently had a flash of me playing a racing game about 10 years ago if not more! I wish to find this game but I cannot remember the name of the game.

What I remember.
If I remember correctly it was for the Nintendo 64 console. Much like Mario Kart you would race around town and attack fellow racers with rockets and other objects you were given when you passed certain checkpoints. The maps were a lot more realistic, mostly focusing around construction sites. The "karts" were like derby cars.

I remember being new to gaming and Nintendo in general. I rented this game and had to bring it back. I wanted to rent it again but the manager could not find it and I couldn't recall the game. This was also the day he suggested I play Mario Kart for the first time!

It would be nice if you guys could help me find this game! Thanks in advance.
Destruction Derby 64.
Crash Racing (tho PS1)
Stunt Racer 64
Lego Racers
Penny Racer 64
Beetle Adventure Racing
San Francisco Rush (tho no rockets)

Million more racers and left out Diddy and Mickey Racing. The only game I remember for sure having a contrsutrion area is Blast Corps.
Thank you for your input guys but it's not in the list! I will have to keep searching...

From what I can remember and from the list you have generated it's a mix of Blast Corps and crash Nitro Kart (though less cartoony). I can't remember if you selected a character, I think all you could select was the different cars. I'll be sure to let you guys know if ever I find it. If you have more suggestions it would be much appreciated.
Ooh, v8 was good.
Oh man, Vigilante! Forgot all about that...god I need an N64 again...

On the same subject though....there was this racing game I got where you did like nothing but race...except there was a mode with like a colored grid? And you could do flips and tricks and stuff, I think against a computer? I know that sounds obscure, but it was the first game I got with my 64
Have you tried any of the ones I listed? Oh when did you get a N64? If it was early might be easier to pin down. Esp if early in N64s life.
I have no idea what you're talking about. Vigilante was on TurboGrafx16. Vigilante 8 was a different kind of game on N64 and PS1. Already posted the N64 game.
Have you tried any of the ones I listed? Oh when did you get a N64? If it was early might be easier to pin down. Esp if early in N64s life.

OH I didn't even notice you mention SF Rush...that's the one! Not 2049 though, now I wanna play that too :D Wow, talk about a trip down memory lane lol
Just going through some if the games suggested on the thread brings back a lot of good memories for me aswell as I'm sure it does with everyone else.

In 20 years time, do you think we'll be looking back on the games that are being released now as fondly as we're remembering these? I don't think we will to be honest, and that's a shame.