Identity Protection/Lifelock?


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Dec 23, 2013
Lafayette, LA
Long story short, the company i work for made huge changes to all our insurance. Everything is online now pretty much. I am so NOT impressed with having 5 new websites having my family's intimate information.

I was wondering if anyone here uses Lifelock or anything similar, and what do you all think of these sites?
Sorry man, I'd love to have a conversation about that, but I just don't know enough about any of those online-insurance companies. All I know about my insurance is I walk in every 3 months, give them the money, they give me a receipt saying I payed for it and then I walk back out.
im asking because we've been hacked before because a former employee left a company lap top on his backseat to get stolen. Next thing i know, "I" bought a washer-dryer set three states over. It aint fun
What were you doing three states away!?! Does your wife know you were there? Hmmmm?
@dustinb12 You were washing clothes with the washer-dryer set that you didn't pay for I assume?
@miles854 exactly! The worst part is they wanted me to press charges.

On people who have my social, address, etc. Really? Im just glad it was a credit card so it went smooth. I've heard many times that if your checking account gets hacked it's quite a headache and the bank is in no hurry to return your money.

They sure make it hard on the good guys, don't they?

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