If Nintendo could buy any 2nd/3rd party IP, what would they?


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Apr 21, 2016
Has to be something that would feel like it belongs. Like Fantasy Life.
Gotta agree with Capcom.

-Secures MH and Ace Attorney for me.
-Gives Megaman a home that might love it.
-Locks a bunch of well known franchises (Street fighter, Resident Evil, devil may cry) to Nintendo consoles (more reasons for people to buy Ninty's stuff)
-Of course that means extra dev teams, so more 1st party output in general
I am not sure how they would do with it, but I would love for them to buy Spyro. NOT SKYLANDERS. If Nintendo could make Spyro into what he used to be in the original trilogy, or maybe even better, that would be a home run, at least in my opinion. It hurts to think that Spyro is probably dead for good, now... *Sobs*
Sega. Sonic already has a lot of cooperation with the Mario games, and Nintendo can bring it back to it's former glory as a high speed reflex game.

It's the next best thing to a mercy killing.
Ratchet and Clank.
The whole style even feels like something Nintendo would've done.
It just fits in with it being colourful and all about fun.

I'm going to have to re-play those games soon, loved building up your weapons and equipment (it's almost like a lighthearted version of Metroid!)
Capcom and Sega are the most logical choices, IMO.
Oh now Virtual Fighter and Fighting Vipers could do with a come back!
Some of these are not quite what I meant, I think we all agree they should buy some companies to fill out their IPs. Though I'm talking about what are games that feels like Nintendo made, Devil May Cry and fighters are not quite that, I don't think Nintendo even has their own fighting game like SF/Tekken/Virtual Fighter.

For me, Fantasy Life, Professor Layton, Shovel Knight.

Possible but I'm not too sure on: Ace Attorney, Megaman, Sonic, Rayman, Final Fantasy, Braverly Second.

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