If Nintendo released a mobile phone

@SirJoe Or basically there would not be any fight between Xbox and PlayStation users because Wii U and Xbox would be the best ones and therefore, the fight would be between both sides.
I don’t think they should release a mobile phone. What feature could they add to lure away user from their current devices? Smartphone culture is very stable right now. We have a standard set of features know what we expect from our phones. Devices like Nokia NGage worked as they catered to a certain niche of gamers who were frustrated at lack of mobile gaming options. With most smart phone being able to support good games now, I don’t see what niche Nintendo will fill in.

Not to mention any device they make has to be centered on gaming to leverage their legacy. I think, they should instead focus on bringing games to existing smartphone platforms.
@oribuff at this point in time Nintendo is focusing all it's attention on the Nintendo NX and it's very unlikely that you will see them stray from this project, but Nintendo has always done things that people never expected so we never know. If they do decide to get into that market they will go in with a different angle.
I don't know about shoving gamebooy micro's innards into an iPhone case, but I like the idea of Nintendo and Blackberry working together. Something really great could come out of that and change our gaming lives forever.
It would be kinda cool. Blackberry's OS is stable and locked down, something Nintendo would appreciate. I can see them coming out with a horizontal slider with circle pads and all the triggers. it would be a thicker phone, and I don't know how they would offer apps, but it would be a phone I would get. And I sincerely think QNX would work great as the basic of the NXs OS, so it may be worth it for Nintendo to buy the company.
All these phones that are out these days from all these companies cannot legitimately produce new features every single year because there is just not much that you can do on a phone once you reach a peak before breaking into something new, like maybe adding a projection screen in the phone.

When it gets to points like that, it makes you wonder what a phone is really even supposed to be anymore, these are small computers in our pockets, and I don't want to see Nintendo go in that directions. The phone market is already cluttered.
I honestly don't think that we will see one soon. They are so busy with the NX there is very little room for anything else, but if they did have to get into that market they would bring something new to distinguish themselves from the rest.

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