If Nintendo Were to Remake a Classic Metroid

Thomas Ennis

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Jun 24, 2013
Super NES
Should Nintendo ever choose to remake a classic Metroid, with modern graphics; and additional content, which one would you pick? Personally, I'd either pick the original or Super Metroid. The first choice would probably be better, soley based on the fact it was a much smaller game.
I'd chose the original from NES.
As I have mentioned before, it was my first game besides Super Mario Bros, and I really liked it.
I think it would be an awesome new-gen game if they recreated it, but in 3d style with loads of additional content and new enemies, weapons etc.

Also, a bonus pack of Samus' pictures would be nice :rolleyes:
My only problem with the 3D, is it kind of changed the dynamics of the game. Part of the fun was the intense platforming. I personally would prefer they kept it as is; with modern graphics, and a large increase in game size. Perhaps they could offer a quest after mother brain is killed. But first, they would have to show us a hot; modern graphics Samus :D
Yeah, usually 3d kinda makes the game worse, but hey - it's Nintendo we're talking about. I'm sure they could come up with a great idea and gameplay mechanics for the hottest Metroid game ever :rolleyes:
They could certainly make Samus a fox! Maybe they could combine 3D and traditional platforming in the game, to satisfy all the fans. It would be pretty cool to see the original Mother Brain from the first person view.
Nintendo could produce a whole "hero game," with all the biggest franchine heroes teaming up to combat evil. The ideas are endless!
Orlando Bloom would make a good Link :D All they would have to do is dress him up like he was in Lord of the Rings. Dennis Farina; had he not passed (RIP), would have made a great Mario. Which hottie would play Samus?
3D Sidescrolling Remake of the first game would be awesome. They know platformers better then anyone in existence. They could do it easy.
I agree, Nintendo is the king of platformers. I think it would be a good seller too; if they chose to add something new about the game.
Sigh.........averus is REALLY into the idea of the Metroid movie. He just wants to see a hot babe play Samus :D
Nooooooo, you got me all wrong! :D
I want to see a Metroid movie because I wished for one since I first saw the game.
Samus has to be played by a hot actress because Samus is hot in the game too, and I hate when characters in movies look nothing like the video/comic characters they're supposed to be (I'm looking at you Spider-Man 3's Venom of 30kg).

But back to the original topic here - a Metroid remake. Who would be a good voice actress for Samus? :D

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