If you could choose 3 NES, 2 SNES and 1 N64 game for the online Switch Channel.


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Oct 22, 2021
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Speaking of Nintendo Switch Online, which classic games would you choose on top of the ones that have already been added?

I like to ask hard questions. Say you get to choose the remainder of the games for the NES, SNES, and N64 Switch channels. But say there is a catch involved. Say you can only choose three NES games, two SNES games, and one N64 game that will be added to the Switch. After this, there will be no more games added to the Switch channel. The only games will be the 58 NES ones, the 49 SNES ones, and the upcoming 16 N64 ones, that Nintendo has already chosen, plus the ones you are going to add on.
So, which three NES games, two SNES games, and one N64 game will you choose?

Here's my list.

1. Dragon Warrior 1: Yes, I know it's been released on Switch, but the granddaddy of JRPGs should be available in its original 8 bit graphics and chip tune sound. I love the original NES Dragon Warrior (Dragon Quest), and I want to enjoy the original graphics and sound like I would an old black white classic movie.
2. Faxanadu: An epic fantasy game with great dungeons, a wonderful adventure, and a cool story about trying to save a world tree from a meteor and corrupted dwarves.
3. Shadowgate: A creative point and click adventure that relies on wits, taking place in a fantasy setting. Very unique for an old Nintendo game, when most of these types of games were on PC or Apple.

1. Earthbound: A wonderful science fiction JRPG that is both humorous and scary. In a way, it could be about growing up.
2. SimCity: A classic simulator game. I find something relaxing about building and designing my own city.

Harvest Moon 64: A wonderful slice of life game with farming, building up your house, raising animals, and finding a wife. It's just plain charming.

So what would your choices be? Remember, your choices would be the only remaining games that would be ported to the Online Switch Console. So choose the games you really want.

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