If You Could Do Any Job


Jun 1, 2015
... what would it be and why?

Absolutely any job in the world goes.

I'd like to have my own bakery, be a piano teacher or (the ultimate little girls dream!) work at Disneyland and be one of the princesses.

Sadly, none of these have come true- I can but hope!
I would be thrilled to play music or video-games for a job.
But QA tester pays well only if you're single and living with your parents. I'm trying the Twitch thing and if I could ever hit it really big that'd be like my ultimate dream come true.
As far as music, I'm really a family man so I wouldn't like to have to keep touring all the time, but it'd be awesome to own a studio and have people come in, produce, record your own projects on the down time, etc... I just don't see it being a business for much longer and not unless you have a big name with big clients...

But this thread is for daydreaming, huh? :D:p
But this thread is for daydreaming, huh? :D:p

Oh for sure! I don't meet the height or weight requirements to be a Disney princess, I can't sing, can't dance, am no good with animals and couldn't abide smiling toothy smiles all day :p

This thread is definitely for daydreams!
I think any job where I got to listen to music that I enjoyed all day would be amazing. Can you be a professional concert goer? If not, I think doing something where I got to talk to interesting people about interesting topics like on a radio show (or I guess probably podcast these days) would be a lot of fun. Of course none of these jobs would be as cool as being a Disney princess because Snow White is pretty awesome in the Fables comics and let's face it - deep down, everyone wants to be a princess :D
Well, you could be a music journalist! They often get paid to attend concerts and write about 'em!
I almost landed a gig writing for a local music magazine as a teenager. Would've been good stuff for sure.
An American Head Football Coach. I never was cut out to play no matter how much I loved the game. The heavens didn't bless me with a big muscles type of a body or tremendous height. Failing HC, A Talent Scout would be epic. Get to travel everywhere, spy on upcoming assets and try to land them before other teams do would be a rush!
For like the past 3 years I've been focused on making YouTube videos. That's my dream job (because right now I'm just doing it as a hobby).

I've come to really enjoy editing videos so any job involving that would be good.
@BjFauble thats great , if you don't mind me asking, how does one go about getting into it for profit? I've always wondered that. My daughter loves Dan The Diamond Minecart guy and he claims he makes videos basically for his living. Sounds like a great dream job!
@dustinb12 Right, so you can monetize your videos with ads basically. There's a whole algorithm for how much you make but basically: the more people watch = the more you make. Getting noticed is basically impossible because once everyone realized Pewdiepie is rich, a lot more people started making videos. Takes luck, really.
I'd like to be a manga artist someday, if only I could draw good enough. (There's some parts I'm really good at drawing and others I'm really bad at.) Well, if that counts as a job. I'd also like to be an author and write books someday, maybe.
I wanna be a computer programmer or video game designer because....... you know...
Wow Rain, right on the spot. I am a game designer but I'm not super productive. Mostly because I work completely alone, from the asset building to the programming and planning, really I wish I had team of skill and dedication... Or perhaps if I could somehow clone myself and do all the tasks at once... what an interesting thought.
Well, I am in the process of writing a book...the first in a trilogy, so my dream would to be to get that finished and figure out how to self-publish it (get cover art, editing, etc.) Hopefully, one day, I'll make that come true. Otherwise, I would love to be able to surf and give lessons to other people...then I can move to Hawaii. LOL
Singing. I love singing so my dream job would be to be able to make enough from singing, either a band or anything really!
Writing is also another of my favourite things to do, so I'd love to writes books! And wow @ChrissyW you're actually writing, amazing!
I am. I'm almost finished the first one, which is a feat in and of itself with 2 kiddos. Haha. I'm hoping to figure out the self publishing thing soon. :)
Well, I am in the process of writing a book...the first in a trilogy, so my dream would to be to get that finished and figure out how to self-publish it (get cover art, editing, etc.) Hopefully, one day, I'll make that come true.
My mother is a author! It seems really hard to get it self published so at the end of the day we found a good cheap place to Publish our books for us. But we got pretty darn close to self publishing them. So good luck and i hope they sell well :D

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