If you could only play one console for the rest of your life


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Aug 1, 2015
...What would you choose? I would choose either the Wii because I would effectively get both Wii and GameCube games, or I would choose the Xbox One because I would effectively get both Xbox One and Xbox 360 games.
Wii U. Doesn't say my game collection has to be legitimate, and I already have a large collection of Gamecube and Wii games on it. Many of the good NES, SNES, N64, GBA and DS games are on the VC; with more slowly coming in. On the Wii VC there's even Sega console games and games from older consoles. Plus it will get Breath of the Wild.

I been in love since 1998. This is the system that made me bleed blue. Playing it right now. If I went into all the reasons why then War and Peace would have nothing on me in length of the post. The visuals on it we breath taking at the time with games like Shenmue. Open world and go into every shop and pick up random objects even take pictures off the wall and turn off lights was novel in 1999. Giest Force showed real physics in a game console. Soul Calibur looked better on the console than Arcade. Shenmue looked miles better than any PC game at the time. It had a webca, a digital camera. Augmented Reality. I could call people on it. It would link up to my Neo Geo pocket. VMUs let me have a second screen experience and take them on the go. Online games! DLC! A mic to chat with friends online. First console with a MMO in Phantasy Star Online. Cloth physics in Dead or Alive 2. Just a fantastic library on top of all that. Also at the time most thinks looked dull black and boxy. DC was white and sleek for it's day. It felt futuristic. The add slogans promised the console was sentient with "....it's thinking..." With Dreamcast gaming hit a point where the sky felt the limit. Consoles caught and surpassed arcade and could match PC..it felt like. I could browse the web. I could upload photos and videos online. Email people. But the biggest thing is it has just a fucking amazing library of games! From well known stuff to not so well known and there is over 600 games to choose from BEFORE we get into the indie scene that is still active to this day.

When you're Dreamcast World Order you're DWO 4lyfe! Because it's TOO SWEEET!
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Plus if you swap out the disk drive for a Phoebe module you can keep your entire game collection on a SD card. I presume a SDXC card will work when formatted just right.