If you could revive one 'forgotten' franchise, what would it be?


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Nov 13, 2013
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Somehow, you've found yourself inside Nintendo HQ, at the desk of someone high up in the company. On the desk is a piece of paper that says Nintendo want to revive a franchise and give it the same treatment as Kid Icarus: Uprising. All you have to do is write down the name of the game, along with some rough guidelines as to how to direct it, and in a couple of years it'll release on Wii U. What do you choose? It doesn't have to be 'forgotten' in the same way that Kid Icarus was, but at least neglected somewhat over the past few years.

I think it'd be quite hard to make a decision, since I'd like to see both F-Zero and Star Fox make an appearance. That said, I think that in terms of the franchise I've had more fun with, I'd have to go with Star Fox.

I'd like to see another game along the lines of Star Fox Assault. It wasn't the most popular game, since it did a lot of things differently, but I really enjoyed it, and the multiplayer on that made for some of the best fun I had on the Gamecube. Done right, with online matches, it could well turn out to be the 'Halo'-style multiplayer experience on the Wii U, and it could really do with something like that.
I feel like Advance Wars is starting to become a "forgotten franchise", as we've been waiting for years for a new title in the series. So that would be first on my list. Tho there are rumors that they are working on a new one already. Finally.

That said, if I had to choose any other forgotten "Nintendo Franchise".. .hmm...

Well, we have either recently gotten, (I'll count either 3ds or Wii U, not Wii or DS) or will soon get..

Animal Crossing
Donkey Kong
Fire Emblem
Kid Icarus
Mario Kart
Mario Party
Smash Bros.

.. hmm.. that leaves...

Advance Wars
Brain Age
Custom Robo
Golden Sun
Legend of Starfy
Star Fox

and.. hmm.. trying to think of more. I can name a lot of older games that I'd like to see get a modern game. However, most of those, even on the NES, are 3rd party games. Not Nintendo made games. What else is there.. Sin and Punishment? Puzzle League? Wii this, or Wii that?

Besides everything listed, what other franchises does Nintendo own? Tho, most of those listed above that have not had a recent game, I'd love to see a newer version of it.
Super mario RPG please!!!

One of my favorites from the SNES era. I think it was the first RPG I ever played and I loved it so much. Would love to see the franchise return.
They made a "Super Mario RPG 2". They just changed the name of it to Paper Mario right before releasing it.


Then, Paper Mario got it's own sequels. But Paper Mario was actually Super Mario RPG 2, and kept the name right up until it was released. Now, they consider it a 'separate' franchise. But really, it was SMRPG2. Still, great game tho. Also, granted that Paper Mario was vastly different than the original Mario RPG, so to was there a big difference between the first and second NES Zelda games.
Lawnachaun said:
.. hmm.. that leaves...


Lawn, there was Punch-Out!! on Wii (and it was awesome).
Yep, fully aware of that. And I own it. And it's great. That's why I said .. "(I'll count either 3ds or Wii U, not Wii or DS)" at the top of the list.
Custom Robo!!! I would love a new Custom Robo. Not enough arcade mech games out there!
Can't remember the exact name, but this:

There were at least 5 or 6 different games with these characters.
One of them was this soccer game that I enjoyed playing on my NES.
It was much later that I found out there was also a brawl game with these guys! :D
I don't know how many of you know this franchine, but Star Control would be my choice. The original was on the Sega Genesis, and was basically a combat strategy. Star Control 2 came out on the computer; and to this day, is one of my favorite games. This game combined all the combat of the original, added a vast galaxy to explore; with many items you had to discover. Star Control 2 also added diplomacy to the equation. The game was released on the 3DO, with the addition of voice acting for all the species.

Star Control 3 came out on the computer. This game was highly disappointing, but was good enough to warrant a sequel. Sadly, this is the last I ever saw of the series. If I had to pick one franchise to ressurect, it would be Star Control.
I would love to see Earthbound revived. It is a fantastic game, and it would be great to play it on newer systems.
Another one to revive would be the Double Dragon series. Super Double Dragon was awesome; but after that, they seriously went downhill. Most of the series games afterwards were second class fighting games.
averus said:
Can't remember the exact name, but this:
That looks crazy similar to to the NES Super Dodgeball game but with soccer. There was a brawl game. If I'm not wrong it was called River City Ransom. I'm guessing this is what you are looking for:


I loved those games! I played DodgeBall and River City Ransom for hours and hours and hours until my head hurt so much I had to stop! :D

Thank you for this! :D
Super happy I could help. I hate when I cannot figure out what the name of a game was or specific elements that could help me find it. I also love those games. I was rifling through my NES games and that reminded me.
I have a NES diskette with Tetris, Super Mario Bros and "Nintendo World Cup" which is very similar to this one :D
Only difference was that you can play the other field types in multiplayer only...

Awesome game! :D
That brings me to another cool idea; playing classic Nintendo games online. Have they done this already?
I think I've seen several sites with some of the NES games ready for online play.
I can't remember any right now, but I know I've played Super Mario Bros and Dr. Mario online :)
Wave Race & 1080 Snowboarding & Pilot Wings & Star Fox. & Doki Doki Panic.
This is easy to answer. I would bring back Golden Sun and Advance Wars. I hope a new GS would be more in the style of the GBA games though, I found the ds entry that came out a few years ago to be quite underwhelming. We also need Felix or Issac in a Super Smash brothers game..what gives nintendo?! I don't know what happened to Advance Wars, all the games were awesome and mostly well recieved yet its fallen off the face of the earth this gen.

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