Ike confirmed to be returning in Smash 4!

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May 7, 2014
Ike was recently confirmed to be returning in Smash 4. I never played Ike much, but I liked him as a character. I also like that they went with his Radiant Dawn look as opposed to his Path of Radiance look. I think I read that they also have changed his Eruption move. Maybe we'll see Ike get his shockwave-like projectile from the FE games.
Sadly no Captain Falcon yet ;^;
There is no way they are leaving Captain Falcon out, it's just not possible.
They might cut someone. It could be him but I doubt it, as well. It's just simply sad and disgraceful to think about.
There is a 0% chance of them cutting Captain Falcon. Captain Falcon has been in Smash since 64 and they've already revealed a Samurai Goroh assist trophy. I don't understand how anyone can say Captain Falcon might be cut.
Honestly, I'm doubting it as well. All I'm saying is that I haven't seen him on the official character list, so I dunno. They pulled out Jiggly Puff but I think that was fairly reasonable lol. But no. Captain Falcon isn't going to be cut.

No, but serious, I'm pretty hyped to see some more sword wielders in the cast and maybe they will trump the top tier fox..!
Final Destination. No Items. Fox Only.
Final Destination. No Items. Wolf only.
I never really played the Fire emblem series (It never actually interested me), but I hear everyone talking about it like it's the best game ever made and no other game can ever match it. I tried playing it with a friend, but I didn't really like it. As for Ike, In past Smash Bros. games he felt exactly like Link with delayed reactions, so I hope this time the differentiate him from Link or anyone else with a sword.
I never really played with IKE in a smash game but I just like to play against him when I am playing in the game. I really hope that they bring back Captain Falcon because I really enjoyed playing with him.
I have never played as Ike in Smash Bros (or even any Fire emblems for that matter), but a few of my friends have completely destroyed me with him in Melee. To me he feels a bit like Link with jerkier movements, but overall I don't really like how he feels and moves. On the Captain Falcon note, They better bring him back. The might not have made a good Fzero in forever, but they at least need to throw in a tribute to him.
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