I'm brand new to Nintendo, need recommendations

Erika NPC

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Oct 31, 2017
OK, I haven't been a literal Nintendo fan since Nintendo 64 days back when I was just a minor. However I've been looking forward to getting my niece and little brother something nice this year for Christmas.

I'm getting them both a Nintendo 2DS XL with 2 32GB Micro SDHC cards.

With out talking to any of them, from what I've gathered, my niece likes playing dress up sort of games like apps on the phone. Care taking such as with babies or animals like cats and dogs. Things to do with Disney princesses or Frozen's Elsa. She's also 6 - 7 years old.

My little brother is 5 and he likes PAW Patrol, probably dog things. Dinosaurs, monster trucks ect ect. He also likes Sonic; but I bet he'd like Mario just as much.

IN my thought I was considering getting them something easy and something they could play together with like Mario's Top 100 that will be coming out and Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon for the both of them. I would assume that due to the creative design and interests of Pokemon and how it's influence people over the years that it would get their interest.

Any thing that's not hard to play or understand and is super family friendly/ cooperative will do. Although they are both quite aware on how to use cell phones, consoles and tablets better than me since parents give them access to these things because they don't have any thing of their own, yet. I, my self, only use the basic of needs of things from such technology even though I'm a full fledged PC gamer.

One thing to mention, that by Christmas (HOPEFULLY THERE WILL BE A PRICE DROP ON BLACK FRIDAY OR CYBER MONDAY) after buying the systems and cards to go with them, I will have but $100 to get them both games. I have a good feeling I could get them at least 2 good games each and some fun cheap ones, or the other way around if seen fit.
@Erika NPC Nintendogs or Cats immediately came to mind. Also, when my daughter was younger she really enjoyed Cooking Mama and Crafting Mama. Its hard to say for that age group. There is a bunch of awesome Mario games, you can't go wrong.
@Erika NPC What a cool aunt/sister (only assuming aunt cuz of the name)!

A game recommendation is possibly Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I've only played a little Animal Crossing myself, but it sounds like it's very much up your niece's ally.

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