I'm playing Yoshi Wooly World and Kirby Rainbow Curse


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Mar 25, 2016
Yoshi Wooly World:

Rarely are graphics considered fun, but the graphics to this game are fun and innovative. The gameplay is safe and standard when compared to classic Mario. What you do want to do is get a Yoshi Wooly World amiibo to play two Yoshis at once, which in my opinion adds a whole new strategic element to the game.

My score: 8.9/10

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse:

This game took me straight back to the days of Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo, to gems of that era and not just average games. And oh my, is this fun. I also love the graphics!

My score: 9.5/10

Who would have thought that I would like a $40 Kirby game better than a $60 Yoshi set? Not me, but both are great.
I have yet to get a chance to play it (yoshi's woolly world)... huge backlog but this seems to be a hidden gem already on the wii u and once the NX comes out... will make it even more so. I have played Rainbow Curse and thought it was fun but I think the Yoshi entry takes the cake.
I really enjoyed Kirby's Epic Yarn and consider Woolly World a spiritual sequel to it. Good-Feel is a fantastic developer.
The gameplay to Yoshi 3DS was so good, it made my expectations high for Wooly World.

It's a shame Yoshi 3DS didn't get glowing reviews. It deserved them.
i love Woolley World, its my next project after Yokai Watch because it has consumed my soul. The thrill of getting a new yoshi skin is neat! I love the koopa troopa
Woolly World is amazing, and as a huge fan of the original Yoshi's Island on SNES, I am proud to say it does the series justice (finally!). Amazing game, probably the best Wii U game to date (well, after Pikmin 3). Kirby's Rainbow Curse I thought was good but short and forgettable. Love the soundtrack though!

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