I'm writing an animated Mario movie for Disney


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It will be a huge improvement over that OTHER Mario film, here are my ideas:

Mario-Mark Wahlberg (w/o Italian accent)
Luigi-Robin Williams (same as Mario)
Bowser-Gary Oldman
Peach-Amy Adams
Daisy-Natalie Portman
Toad-Seth Rogen
Yoshi-Dana Carvey
Wario-Jack Black (same as Mario)
Waluigi-Adam Sandler (same as Mario)
Professor E.Gadd-Jim Carrey with a German accent
Donkey Kong-Arnold Schwarzenegger
Diddy Kong-Chris Tucker
Kamek-Ray Liotta
Lakitu-Joe Pesci
Hammer Bro-Conan O'Brien
Sledge Bro-Jack Nicholson
Boomerang Bro-Jeff Dunham...and his friends
Fire Bro-Martin Scorsese
Ice Bro-James Woods
Bowser Jr-Justin Bieber
Toadsworth-Clint Eastwood
King Toadstool-Robert De Niro

In case you're wondering who King Toadstool is, he is a ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom and is also Peach's father, he doesn't trust the Mario Bros when he first meets them.

I'm showing my own little backstory of how the Mario Bros and the Wario Bros ended up in the Mushroom Kingdom

It will mostly be family friendly but it will have some dark and dramatic moments like: Bowser kills Peach's mother in the beginning when she was 4, Bowser kills Peach's father in the climax at her current age, Bowser kills Daisy's parents in a flashback when she was 6.

Bowser will be more entertaining and threatening than he was in the games (which by the way he wasn't either of those in the games)

This will be the first and only time Peach gets kidnapped, and it's not just the Mario Bros who are helping rescue Peach, but also Daisy, Toad, Yoshi, E.Gadd, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong (during the second act), and Wario and Waluigi (during the third act)

Boomerang Bro will change voices in this movie, he has multiple personality disorder, that means you'll also hear Peanut, Achmed, Walter, Jose, and possibly Melvin make cameos.

Daisy will kick ass in this movie, she and Luigi will not get along when they first meet, they will act like smartasses at each other until the third act (and yes they do kiss)

Peach will not act like a damsel much, she's not gonna scream "help" or "save me" and shit like that, she'll poke fun at Bowser and sometimes Bowser can't think of any clever comebacks

Professor E. Gadd

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Jim Carrey would do a kick-ass job playing Professor E. Gadd, but I hope he doesn't make him too much like the Riddler from Batman Forever.


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Interesting, though I don't think every role could have an award winning actor. I really love the idea though. Justin Bieber may not suit Bowser Jr. entirely, just because his voice isn't really the evil type. Overall this would be a great movie that I would love to see.


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Haha can't wait for this movie to come out ;) I would love to see Dana Carvey dressed up as Yoshi, I imagine it to be hilarious.

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