Impossible Mario world cancelled :(

I make games in general and have had the source file corrupted before. You're probably experiencing something similar to what I did. It sucks.
well actually since I used lunar magic it edits the original rom and for some reason it's asking for a unedited rom to save levels, texts, ect
Oh no! :cry:
I downloaded the first one to play (didn't get to do it yet aka no time :confused:) but it seemed promising ;(
Ok, can you please give instructions on how to play your hack? I'm interested to try it out. To be honest, this is the first romhack I'm going to play, so I really have no idea how. Sorry about that.
@spence88 First you must download a software called winrar then google for a emulator to download after that download the rom and open it in winrar above the file there should be a "extract" button basiclly it puts the file alone in wherever you select. open up your emulator I recommend snes9x then play!
So just extract your file with WinRar and open it with an snes9x emulator? Pretty straightforward. Thanks for the reply!
Well I am sorry to hear that you came across this error. You really had something special going here, and it is sad to see it come to an unfortunate end. I am not too familiar with a romhack or anything but it sounds like there is no real way to get it back or pick it up somewhere. At least you got to finish one island, I suppose, to look on the bright side.

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