In defense of Super Mario Run


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Ok so I haven't gotten the game yet since I'm an Android User but I did play it from some friends of mine and I saw some footage so I'm going to defend the game here. Others can join if they want to.

The first problem people complain is that it requires internet to play the game. Now I would agree with this statement except that there's just one problem. There are so many hotspots that are free and almost anywhere you go has a hotspot.

Sure, the internet lag speed might cause some frustration but in that case, just get better speed. If using highspeed internet is required to play multiplayer online games so will be the case for this game.

Also, I don't recall how many smartphone games don't require internet here and there as you almost need it in some fashion.

The second problem and I think this is the only problem is that the game is too expensive for a phone game?

Ok, let me just say that that statement there is a load of crap and its clear that many reviewers are such hypocrites.

First off, there are so many games on the phone that are on par with SMR's price or are more expensive than that game.

Square Enix is a good example for this as a lot of their games are ridiculously expensive even their ports of existing games. It also doesn't help that most of their ports are terrible.

And no they aren't the only ones here. Disney also released Where's My Water and it was free and you had to pay like i think 8$ to get the rest of the game.

And in SMR's case, you are getting enough content for 9$ that it really is a shame to criticize the actual game for the price. Since when is the cost of the game part of the game's review?


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ill give my perspective: I am what the "internet" calls a Super Mario fan boy. i was a little excited when it came out. I really don't care for phone games much. I downloaded and played the first 3 levels and it was really was cool playing Mario on an iPhone. but then i saw the price tag. i wasn't outrageously upset but i did not purchase because as a fanboy, i have plenty of Mario to play already. No big deal, its really neat. What i really really really like about it is all the knucklehead co-workers that tease me for being a gamer hiding in the corners playing Mario! Bing bing bing (coin noises.) Ha ha

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