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Mar 14, 2016
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Sagat has been around for as long as street fighter. With the first introduction to the Nintendo world some time in 1990 something with Street Fighter 2 on the GameBoy.

He was so great you couldn't even play as him. If you could, it would give an unfair advantage to the person playing him, so they made him a CPU controlled boss fight. I'm pretty sure he was like the second to last boss in the game, (curse you M. Bison... you will never compare to Sagat.) Playable or not, he was still amazing. They finally re-released an SNES version of Street Fighter 2 in the same year (1991) which was a huge improvement over the gameboy.

Now we move a year in the future, 1992. Everything is going good for Sagat on the GB and SNES, he is still wrecking people with his boss fights. Just then, BAM a new game for SNES comes out! Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition! It was great! You could do all this cool stuff! And you could... wait... it's the same game... Thats right! It's the same thing but with a new set of rules you can choose! Sadly for Sagat, he will still be a boss fight for now...

Next in line is Street Fighter 2 Turbo in 1993. This was a huge improvement since you can finally jack up the speed! New character animations at the end, new moves for some peoples. It was looking good for Sagat! Maybe now someone can finally challenge his greatness? If only he was playable... Hey! At least they call them "Grand Masters" now?!

Now, If this were a thread about Akuma, there would be a game right here for SNES... Street Fighter Alpha 2... but this is a thread about Sagat! Not Akuma! Get your head out of the gutter!

1998... The greatest day in all of American history... Street Fighter Alpha 3 Is released on the Gameboy Advance... guess who just happens to be a playable character on this wonderful masterpiece? Thats right! Sagat! We got so many new characters that weren't playable in this one and they're all so garbage! None of that matters though now, Sagat is playable and he got a major muscle improvement! Sagat already looked great, but after looking at this... The old him was just so... not great! Now, while he looks better and you can play him and stuff this game was just... I don't know, it didn't have the same feel... You could even tell that they weren't putting there best effort into the port because there are buttons on the home menu that don't do anything when they should! Even with this, still cool that you can finally play him...

Bla bla bla, a few more games that changed nothing, when are they gonna do something awesome?! Oh wait! It's 2001, things are happening, got that good 9-11 happening (don't joke about that, it's bad), things are going good in America. Your playing your gameboy advance, when all of the sudden you see a commercial for street fighter 2: turbo revival on the Gameboy Advance! That was the day you burned your Spyro the dragon, which just came out one day ago, in the woods with a satanic ritual that you deny forever... In all honesty, this was a big step for Nintendo, Capcom and Sagat. It was a great port of the game and finally once again aloud kids to play with their favorite characters while mom and dad argue in the car. Time to finally hang up the old brick-boy color (yeah there was a street fighter alpha released there... wasn't anything special) because we have no need for you any more.

Finally! Done with those street fighter 2s! Wait... there were some that I missed in between those? Too bad! I'm just listing the ones important to Sagat! Now, where were we. Oh yeah! You may be thinking... I'm pretty sure street fighter 3 came out right? Well, your right. And it was the biggest load of garbage yet! It didn't even have Sagat in it AND it never came out for a Nintendo system! What kind of bull crap is this?

Now, its quite a bit later, 10 years in the future, and they FINALLY come out with another advancement in Sagat's legacy! He is a playable character of course and he looks so dang buff in that 3d! Oh yeah, I forgot to say it was released on the 3ds... it was released on the 3ds.... So, this game was so great that it had an actual story line... yeah, no one cares about it, but it's there. Sagat's got awesome combos now, he's got a ton of cool new moves he's... he's just... it's so beautiful....

Hey wait... we didn't do one in 2002? Darnit! Now I can't say anything about how all the stars aligned and stuff and bam I was born and it was the greatest year ever and stuff... Oh well!

Well, that's the end of Sagat's legacy so far! Maybe they will stop being rude and share Street Fighter 5 with us Nintendo people and port it to the Switch?

P.S. To all those who didn't read it or just skipped to the bottom.... Stop trying to be like me....

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