Introducing My Kids to the Wii

Dec 28, 2014
My kids are 8 and 6 years old, respectively. I am not a hardcore gamer who spends a ton of time every day in front of a game system, but I do really enjoy playing video games when I get the chance. The most recent system I own is the Wii (I know, I feel shame). In the last few months, I have gradually started letting my kids play the Wii. We play Wii Sports together, and you should see my 6 year old daughter boxing! It is a lot of fun to see my kids enjoy games that I have enjoyed over the years. My son really enjoys the 5 on 5 component of Madden 09. He saw me choosing historical teams (so I could enjoy the retro logos) and so now he does it, too!

For you parents, what was it like when your kids first played the Wii? I'd love to hear some of your memories!
obviously we all stayed up to midnight bowling for the longest time, but two of the games i remember getting to introduce her was Kirby's Epic Yarn and A Boy and His Blob. Very precious, clean, fun games to share with a youngster. Kirby is the first game we finished together
I think the Wii would make a great starter system for any kid these days. I don't have any children of my own, but I would play Wii Sports with my friend's nephew for a realy long time. I use to tell him "I'm going to keep winning until you get good!" Needless to say, he eventually DID get good, and the kid could give me a run for my money. I would love to see if he still plays, and if has gotten any better.
I do not have kids but I have a niece and nephew and I remember when I first let them play the wii with me. We spent hours just playing through the catalog of games that I have there and I will tell you that was the most fun that we have ever had together.
I spent time babysitting using the WII, so I can tell you it acts a s very nice intermediary between adults and kids - it gets everyone actively involved. And with most of the games on the WII targeted towards that demographic you shouldn't have an issue keeping them occupied long enough to keep them out of your hair (if you're away) or building quality family-time. (The Kids WILL Remember it, and remember you as the cool ones who played with them)!

I'm not a parent, but the amount of kids I've introduced to the WII makes me proud to say I've converted plenty of Xbox people over, and a fair number of Sony users. Most people were on the fringe or skeptical until they try it and they realize truly how fun it is. Even my old Red-Neck father loved the WII sports edition. He said it was like playing a game with his Son (me) that can be done in the comfort of his own home without having to go out and spend.

But those are some of mine.
I would start them off by letting them play with you and slowly learning it. Introducing kids to video games is a great idea as it has many benefits and gets them into a possible lifelong hobby.
My 6 year old enjoys the Boxing a lot as well. He also really likes Golf, Bowling, Tennis and Frisbee. He likes the Sports Resort much better than regular Sports. He also plays Just Dance with me occasionally, but he prefers to play Skylanders on our Wii opposed to playing on Xbox. Not sure why but he does.
It's strange how the younger ones seem to prefer the simplistic games. Wii Sports & Resort are big among the 4-8 crowd. I guess it's the incorporation of simplistic moves & fun interaction. I've always found what's good for that age bracket is likely good for a much MUCH older crowd.
^ i think that was some of the marketing idea. 4 yr olds don't have money, but the grandparents do. So lets make a game that they both like. You know how long i tried to get my mom to play Super Mario with me? But put a bowling alley in the living room and see what happens
I don't have kids, but my sister was young when we got the Wii. We used to fight over it all the time because we always wanted to play it. I mean it was the coolest thing when it came out. I remember that everyone around where I lived had the hardest time trying to find one. So, we were pretty lucky that we were able to get one. But it was always fun playing games against one another so that we could see who was better at the sports. That was the one game that my family would always play.

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