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Sep 19, 2012
Hey guys!

I am super excited to announce a long-awaited expansion of our gaming forum network. We now have a sister site called Xbox Forums, located at I took over the site from the previous owners late last year and have been working really hard for the past couple of months on giving it a new design, cleaning up the spam, and reconnecting with the old members and moderators. Posting activity and traffic are picking up at lightning speed, and we are finally ready to go public!

If you have an Xbox console in addition to your Nintendo systems (I still have my original Xbox!), come join us on the new site and connect with your fellow Xbox gamers!

See you there and, as always, happy gaming!

I think that this could be a good thing. I just dont think there is enough products, or line of products for people to talk about. With nintendo new things area always coming out and there are many old consoles, and games to remember and talk about. I know a lot of people and most of them say, "oh yeah i remember when i was a kid i had an NES." I've never heard someone say, "oh yeah when i was a kid i remember having an xbox." Just doesn't seem like a big enough crowd. But yes i do have lots of xbox stuf :D
Cool, glad we have some domain expansion. We'll catch up to old Nsider's numbers quite soon ;)
kewl :D
I don't have an Xbox or play it, but I am happy for anyone who does and joins the forums. Good luck guys at running the site! :)
I see, thank you for telling us about this, crunchyg and I wish your Xbox Forum the best of luck and success! I've never owned or played an Xbox before but I hope your forum does well and Xbox players will enjoy it. Thanks again for telling us about it! :)
Boooooo. Just joking. I hope your xboxforums does great. :~)

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