Investors Want Microsoft's New CEO To Abandon The Xbox Division

Aug 27, 2013
Nintendo 2DS
Microsoft’s last two CEO’s, Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer believed that Microsoft could successfully infiltrate the consumer tech market, with products like the Xbox and the Surface, but now that Microsoft has a brand new CEO in Satya Nadella, some investors are pushing for Microsoft to abandon these initiatives and focus on its core businesses.

And that core is selling software to businesses, an endeavour that’s been continually successful for Microsoft. Its attempts at consumer technology have been less successful, with the Surface losing money for Microsoft and Bing being… well, Bing.

But, as the Washington Post reports, abandoning initiatives like the Xbox won’t be easy. It’ll require Nadella going against his previous mentors Gates and Ballmer, who have long supported a more front facing Microsoft.

If Nadella decides to make the break, it’ll be a difficult choice to make, considering just how much Microsoft has invested in that area over the past decade or so.
Interesting... If that happened I'm not sure what would happen to Microsoft because their current PC market is dead because they haven't done anything with it for nearly a decade and a half. After all the rude remarks and ignoring PC gamers I doubt they could just hop back to PC but it really might be the best option for them..

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