Is $20 for a good 2D indie game too much?


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Jan 29, 2018
I have come to realize that all those "Awesome Indie 2D games aren't being made" are also all the "This game looks great, but $20 is too much. I'll get it on sale" games I forget to buy.

Since all these games look and play as good, or better then MegaMan X did on SNES, and MegaMan X on SNES was $50-ish when it came out I no longer feel that $20 is too much to pay for these good looking games.

What do you guys think? Is $20 too much for a god 2D indie title?
I was just thinking of this myself. There was a game that looked pretty good called embers of mirrim. It is $20 and I am thinking about getting it. You should get the demo and try it out!
Sure! I don't know if you'd call Stardew Valley top down or 2D. It's not 3D anyways. It was only $15, but I would've paid $20 for it. I've put almost 70 hours into that game. It is amazing! So if it's the kinda game you enjoy like a 2D side scroller, $20 is a great price.
I bought Cuphead for $20. This will be the 2nd $20 indie game I've bought on Steam (With the first being The Pokemon Company's Giga Wrecker).

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