Is 3DS XL more comfortable than regular 3DS?

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Oct 15, 2012
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I am debating between an XL and a regular 3DS model, and so far have heard different things about the graphics, sound, etc. But my main point of interest is whether the 3DS XL is more comfortable to hold than the original 3DS system. Specifically, when holding the system for extended periods of time, would the 3DS give less fatigue because the hand placement should be more natural or would it tire you more because of its heavier weight?
I've owned both regular and XL 3DS systems. I personally love the XL model better, the screens are so much bigger which I find it to be more enjoyable to view your games, and the rounded edges on the XL are alot more comfortable than the regular 3DS. So if it was up to me I would buy an XL just for the bigger screen and and the rounded edges so your hands wont hurt after several hours of gameplay.
I have big hands, and even the first DS caused fatigue in my hands when I played it for several hours straight.
It all depends on the size of your hands and how you hold the controller. My hands are very small and they always go so tired and uncomfortable holding the XL for extended periods of time, though i admit, the screen was awesome. My 3DS doesn't give me any problems at all and I think the more you use whatever system you get, the more you'll get used to it and not even notice it. At least, that's how it's been in my case.

My hands may be extra small though, I even had to get a micro controller for my Xbox.
I wouldn't know since I only have the XL. The regular one looks too tiny for me. I also like having a bigger screen. I heard the screen flops around a lot on the smaller version too.
The only time it bothers my hands is when I have to support it entirely on my own, without a table or anything to rest on, and the game is trigger-heavy.
I prefer the 3DS than the xl one. Like most of you who commented, I too have small hands. My 13 year old nephew has bigger hands than me. It is hard for me to hold it for an extended period of time because it put too much stress on my hands. Though I usually just put it on a table and play from there but then my wrist start to ache. :/ Though the screen is very pleasant to use!
I think the XL is more comfortable. It is smoother and just feels better. The screen is also a lot less strain full on the eyes.
I feel the XL is for comfortable and more awesome because of the way bigger screens. I think if you have the money you should go with the XL.
I never used the XL as I bought my 3DS years ago when the price first dropped, I hear great things about the XL though. I don't play my 3DS often enough to warrant the upgrade myself, but if you don't have a 3DS yet, definitely go for the XL for the bigger screens and longer battery life. :)
The XL is definitely more comfortable, the regular 3DS has a fairly rigid shape and it's easily to get a cramp after prolonged play. I've seen people get things like this :

They are supposed to be very good and also pretty cheap, you can get one on amazon or ebay for $10.
he only real difference is the XL has a longer, fatter stylus, which we felt was more comfortable than the regular New 3DS's version. The bigger form factor of the handheld itself also offers more comfort if you have larger hands. streaming apps
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So if it was up to me I would buy an XL just for the bigger screen and and the rounded edges so your hands wont hurt after several hours of gameplay.
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